Eco Big Reusable Baking Sheet Brown 42x62cm


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Ambican introduce the BIODEGRADABLE baking sheet. Reusable up to 5 times. Perfect for the ethical baker!!! SIZE-42 x 62cms REUSABLE *All-natural biodegradable material *Moisture-resistant *For use in temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit *Grease-resistant *Easy cleanup-no sticking Ambican’s parchment paper pan liner is made of 100% biodegradable cellulose fibers. They feature a hard pinhole-free surface that resists grease, water, and oven browning. Perfect to prepare cookies, breads, cakes or other delicious baked goods results in more even baking without scorching. The parchment paper pan liner is designed for quick, easy release to expedite clean up. It is reusable also, which helps lower replacement costs and saves you money. Parchment paper is primarily used for lining baking pans so that there is virtually no clean-up. But wait, there’s more! Try using it make a convenient, disposable pastry bag. Or, use parchment paper to bake foods or use as a deli wrap.


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